Waterproof iPhone Case

Today’s deal is all about protecting your communication toys come rain or shine. Whether you are vacationing in the North Pole or swimming with sharks in Oahu, you can be sure that you’ll keep in touch and capture some of the action too with this watertight deal from waterproofmyelectronics.com.  Use your iPhone, iPad or Android anywhere you’d like without having to worry about water, rain, sleet or snow. It also works with any touch screen smart-phone so it makes for the perfect present for anyone who has phones, digital cameras or mp3 players. Click that protected BUY button and be sure that you have all the protection you need for the stormy weather ahead. 

  • This case provides waterproof protection for your smartphone while maintaining full touch screen functionality.
  • With a simple snap and lock access, this easy to use product provides all the protection you will need
  • Comes with handy neck strap 3ft long

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