Vehicle HUD Digital Windshield Projector

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HUD is short for Head-Up Display. HUD is now widely used in aerospace to assist in the aircraft's flight. Pilots are able to get important information via HUD, and they do not need to look down to compromise safety. HUD first appeared in military aircraft to increase flight safety and is now widely used among many different types of aircraft.

This HUD designed specifically for cars allows for increased safety, especially in higher-speed night driving. This HUD uses the latest nanotechnology to display relevant information with little glare and unwanted reflections.

  • Multi-Color 5.5" Display
  • Automatic and Manual Brightness Adjustment Mode
  • Auto Power On/OFF with vehicle start-up and shutdown
  • Nano-Technology - eliminates unwanted reflections, makes display information appear sharper
  • Working Environment Temperature: -40 ~ 80 centigrade degrees
  • Working Voltage: 9V ~ 16V DC (12V DC/400mA)
  • Vehicle Speed
  • Engine Speed
  • Water Temperature
  • Battery Voltage
  • Fuel Consumption - Instantaneous and Average
  • Mileage Measurement
  • Shift Reminding
  • Fatigue Driving Reminding
  • Low Voltage Alarm
  • High-Temperature Alarm
  • Speed Alarm
  • Engine Fault Alarm
  • Fault Code Elimination
  • Ability to switch between kilometers and miles
  • Compatible with European/American vehicles manufactured after 2003 and Asian Vehicles manufactured after 2007 (using the general OBD protocol - OBD2, EUOBD)
  • Includes: Vehicle HUD Unit, OBDII Connecting Cable, Reflective Film, Dashboard Anti-Skid Pad

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