Ultra-Portable HD 1080p LED Projector with Built-In Battery

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Finally a tiny, portable projector that turns your living room into a full-blown home theater with an image size of up to 220 inches diagonally! It's jaw-dropping 1080p HD resolution are perfect for movies, gaming and even business presentations! Immerse yourself into lifelike image sizes. It's perfect for movies, gaming, sharing photos and videos, and even suitable for business presentations anywhere and on-the-go!

This Ultra-Portable HD 1080p LED Projector is a complete home entertainment system that connects to all your devices and is small enough to fit in your bag!

Forget crowding around your tiny laptop screen or TV! The new technology crammed into this super portable device avoids annoying problems like video jitters, color problems or lamp replacements that older projectors have.

Finally a movie theater experience, without the cost!


  • Bigger Than Big - Ever wished you had a 200 inch TV? Well with the Ultra-Portable HD 1080p LED Projector you do. Blow your friends minds when they come over for a movie or to play your favorite game. With a true 1920X1080 HD resolution and a 220 inch output, you'll never want to leave your living room again. 


  • Bright 'n' Vibrant - LightEngine technology delivers a mind-blowing performance you'd expect from a high-end LED TV. With a staggering 600 lumens you will enjoy rich, accurate colors, deep blacks and bright whites, even in rooms that aren't totally dark. 


  • True Theater Experience - Unlike projectors just a few years old, this Ultra-Portable HD 1080p LED Projector uses the latest technology, eliminating those dreaded video quality problems like color decay, jagging and the rainbow effect. Expect a smooth, bright, theater-like performance from day 1 to year 5. 


  • Compact 'n' Portable - At only 13 by 8 inches and 4oz in weight, it's a true portable media player powerhouse - small and light enough to fit easily in your bag or on the shelf. While it's onboard memory card slots and speaker lets you leave your laptop at home and watch movies anywhere. 


  • NeverDie Lamp - Other projectors of this quality need frequent, pricy bulb replacements. But with over 30 000 hours of lamp life, you can be sure that LumiPro will never need a replacement in your entire lifetime, saving you hundreds of dollars. 


  • Works With Any Device - Quickly and easily connect your computer, game console, camera, tablet, hard drive, DVD player or speakers and you're ready to kick back and enjoy. LumiHD is stacked with every connection you might need like WiFi, HDMI, USB, AV, 3.5mm jack, Micro SD and TF card connections - you're totally covered. 


  • Good for Business - Deliver even more impressive, reliable powerpoint presentations and close extra sales. It's compact enough to carry in your bag and take on a plane so you'll never have to rely on the conference room's sketchy old projector that won't connect to your device or might even die on you. 


  • Plays Anything – Supports every movie, music and image file format used today (AVI, MOV, MKV and 25+ more), so you can enjoy your collection of movies, photos and even powerpoint presentations no matter what. 


  • Zero Warm-Up - Unlike ordinary projectors with traditional lamps, the LumiHD needs no long, boring warm-up time. Just switch it on and it's ready to go with bright, pixel-perfect images on demand. No need to leave your friends or colleagues waiting. 

  • Bigger than BIG - Up to 220" projection
  • Connect your phone (Chromecast, Fire TV Stick, MHL HDMI Cable needed)
  • Bright & Vibrant - 600 lumens & 800:1 contrast that rival high-end LED TV
  • For best brightness and screen use it in dark rooms
  • True Theater Experience
  • Compact & Portable - 5 x 3.4 x 1.8 inches and weigh in at 6oz
  • Input Resolution: up to 1920x1080 (1080p)
  • Output Resolution: crystal clear 320x240
  • NeverDie Lamp - 30,000 hours of lamp life
  • Works With Any Device - HDMI, USB, AV cord, 3.5mm jack, Micro SD, TF card connections
  • What's Included: HD 1080p LED Projector, Power Adapter, 3.5mm to RCA AV cable, Remote Control, User Manual

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