Ultra Clear 16-LED Rotating Vanity Mirror With Adjustable Viewing Angle and Tray

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The Ultra Clear 16-LED Rotating Vanity Mirror is a portable makeup accessory that uses super bright LED Lights to provide a clean and bright reflection whenever you need it.

Have you ever walked out of your home and realized your makeup looks too heavy or too light? Sometimes that’s because you are not doing your makeup under the correct tone and brightness of lights. If you want your makeup to look exactly like what you see in the mirror, then this Ultra Clear Vanity Mirror is for you!

The super bright white LED lights show both your skin tone and color clearly and correctly, so you can easily apply the perfect amount of foundation, concealer, color corrector, blushes, bronzer, eyeshadows, highlighters, and lipsticks.

The mirror features long-lasting, energy saving, and eco-friendly LED light bulbs that are lined around the mirror to distribute light evenly. LEDs have a lower power requirement for providing continuous brightness.

It is beautiful, sleek, and safe to use. If you have dim or warm lights in your bedroom or bathroom or if you travel a lot, then this mirror is perfect for you. The base also features a tray for you to store small items, such as cosmetics, make up tools, jewelry, and more!

  • 16-LEDs for perfect brightness for makeup and skincare
  • Super Bright White LED lights that shows your skin tone and color clearly and correctly
  • Portable, Lightweight
  • Travel-Friendly
  • Easy To Clean
  • Touch Screen Button Located On Front
  • 180 degree free rotation: can fix at any position and balance facial light
  • Mirror can be rotated a full 360 degrees for horizontal or vertical use 
  • Ultra-Clear: Reduces need for a magnifying mirror because this mirror creates an ultra clear view of your skin
  • Main Power switch located at back
  • Material: ABS 
  • Color: Black 
  • Weight: 510g
  • Mirror Dimensions (Approx.): 22 cm x 16 cm 
  • Requires 4 x AA Batteries (Not Included)

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