Two Pairs of New Power Ion Tourmaline Far Infrared Ray Cotton Socks

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Socks these days are more than feet-gloves, and the infrared ray sock proves this by hosting tremendous functionality alongside superb traditional comfort. These socks will increase your blood flow, which is tremendous for anyone that has issues with clots by promoting circulation. Through increasing the activity of your water molecules, it in turn produces heat, meaning that these socks will quite literally warm you up. On top of all of this, all of these elements interacting with each other and with your skin will have the additional side effect of increasing your metabolism. But wait, we’re not done here just yet. These infrared socks will remove skin waste, and by doing so open up the space so your skin can breathe, and through that, regenerate faster and stay healthier. Everything you just read? That’s what these socks can do for you. This product would feel right in place in a 1950’s science fiction tale of the future, about how these absolutely mind-blowing, incredible products in over half a century’s time will have the capacity to change your life, and cost next to nothing.

  • One size fits all wear.
  • Tourmaline and far infrared can facilitate the movement of the peripheral and capillaries, increasing blood flow.
  • Comfy socks to wear around the house or on the go.
  • Washing method: wash with pure water for 5 minutes.
  • Can not use detergent.


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