Travel Passport Wallet Organizer

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Your entire identity is ripe for the picking when you travel. You need something that’s easy for you to access, but difficult for anyone else, like a pickpocket. Grab this travel wallet and be secure in how you travel. Keep everything locked down until you need it, and best of all, keep it organized! The rough part about traveling is keeping everything in a precise location so you can get it quickly, and not have to struggle with finding it. Need cash! BAM! There you go. Need a passport! KA-POW! Right there in front of you. Instead of picking and choosing what you carry with you that day, and then being stuck when an impromptu romp during your travels wipes out what little cash you brought with you, bring it all along. This travel wallet keeps you organized like no other. It just makes sense if you’re traveling abroad.

  • Passport is safely tucked away in a colourful passport holder
  • Provides space for other items, including immigration documents, coins, bills and receipts
  • Made from durable polyurethane
  • 4 Colours to choose from: orange, pink, grey, and black
  • Relatively compact for easy storage in a purse or hand luggage

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