Stainless Steel Manual Coffee Grinder with Ceramic Burr

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Did you know fresh-ground beans from a burr grinder taste 93% better than the chaff that a blade grinder makes? Please don't even mention pre-ground coffee. OK, we don't know the exact percentage but the consistent grounds produced by a burr grinder DO in fact make a massive difference in the quality of your brew.

Unlike electric blade coffee grinders, this portable manual coffee grinder delivers greater control over your grind as it uniformly grinds fresh coffee beans. Using a burr coffee grinder also helps to extract the aroma and flavor from the coffee beans whereas grinding with blade coffee bean grinders will actually heat the beans, ultimately resulting in loss of flavor.

This manual coffee grinder is designed with a sleek and slender durable stainless steel body which makes it very easy to hold while grinding. It's adjustable grind size feature also allows you to make a variety of coffee drinks from french press and aeropress to espresso. Not only does a manual coffee grinder produce better results, but its skinny stainless steel body also makes it the best coffee grinder for traveling and hiking. This hand coffee grinder was specifically designed to fit into an aeropress, creating the perfect traveling duo. Now you can have freshly ground coffee anywhere anytime!

Using a hand grinder to grind your own coffee is probably the best way to slow down and truly enjoy the coffee making process from bean to cup.

Plus they’re satisfying to use (who doesn’t love throwing in a little elbow grease with their morning cup of coffee?). Hand grinders are a totally unique gadget. If you own a hand coffee grinder, it may be one of the most unique devices you’ll have in your kitchen because they’re so aesthetically interesting.

  • Easy, adjustable grind fineness
  • Sturdy stainless steel body
  • Grinds fast, smooth and quiet
  • Ceramic conical burr
  • Enhances Flavor: Unlike grinding with a blade coffee grinder, this ceramic burr coffee grinder extracts the aroma and flavor from the coffee beans. 
  • Easy To Clean: Can be disassembled into separate pieces allowing for a more efficient cleaning. 
  • Slender Design: Easy to carry with you so you can enjoy your favorite specialty coffee no matter where you are
  • Perfect for travelers
  • Hand grinders help you slow down and enjoy the moment
  • Grind coffee for two in under 1.5 minutes
  • Total Length: 7"
  • Diameter of Body (Approx.): 1.875"

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