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  • 💥 (Stress Reliever) - Experience & enjoy the popping sensation with this pop it chess board. Be amused, calm & relaxed after every use with the push pop dice game. This big pop game fidget toy will help you restore your mood, relieve stress & alleviate anxiety. The pop it game board with dice is known to help improve your focus and creativity as well as your concentration.
  • 💥 (Easy to play) - Players choose which side they want to play on. Players then take turns rolling the dice. The number rolled is how many bubbles you press down. If a player rolls a 6 the other player must press down 6 bubbles. The person who presses down all their bubbles first loses the round. Winner can write down a punishment for other player that lost. Every round you lose you press down one of the big bubbles in the middle to show you lost the round. First to win 3 rounds wins the game.
  • 💥 (Easy to carry) - This giant fidget board game is lightweight & easy to carry around! The push pop game has a high quality silicone design that allows you to roll up the pop it chess board and take it wherever on the go. Play this pop it fidget toy game anywhere! No matter where you are this pop it board game is really convenient when it comes to space and portability.
  • 💥 (Suitable) - For all ages! Not just for kids but for teens & adults as well. Play many popit games as the fidget game board is great for different types of occasions. Play this big pop board game during family gatherings, trips, transportation, indoors & outdoors, and many more! Use it to play a pop it math game or different fidget games with family & friends. With this pop it big size chess board practice logical thinking & strategies & many more!
  • 💥 (Safe material) - This pop its game board is very durable because of it’s high quality silicone design which makes it reusable & hard to break. This big pop chess board is 100% non toxic, tasteless, & environmentally friendly. If this fidget chess board ever gets dirty no worries because the game board pop it is washable and easy to clean.

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