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  • BUBBLE POPPING SENSORY TOY: Fidget Sensory Tools are perfect for BUILDING SKILLS THROUGH PLAY. The fidget popper is a push pop fidget toy for kids of all ages. It provides hours of fun as you push and pop just like bubble wrap. Children's creativity is inspired as they push it, toss it, and pop away. These Poppers are great for stress relief and they promote fine motor skills, auditory discrimination, finger dexterity, hand-eye- coordination, turn-taking, and cooperative gameplay.
  • FOR KIDS OF ALL ABILITIES - sensory fidget push pop toys are so much fun! KIDS SAY they are SO SATISFYING!. For any age from toddlers to tweens and even adults – they just can't get enough. The SensoryEdge Silicone BUBBLE FIDGET POPS Toy help teach cause and effect as the bubbles pop. They keep kids busy and children will literally spend hours inventing games as they push it, pop, and toss it. This bubble sensory fidget toy is also perfect for travel and car trips.
  • SENSORY TOYS for AUTISTIC CHILDREN – Kids with ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), and Autism benefit from a variety of fidget toys for multi-sensory play. These activities help kids overcome sensory challenges and are great fidgets for anxiety. Our tie-dye colors were specifically chosen to be visually stimulating and attract attention without overstimulating. Popping sounds provide auditory feedback, the push and pull provide tactile stimulation activating both large and small muscles.
  • SPECIAL NEEDS THERAPY TOYS – Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Play Therapy, and Behavioral Therapy sessions can all be made more engaging and effective with Bubble Fidget Pops. These make perfect gifts for boys, girls, and teens. Children and teachers love to use them in the classroom for cool activities and prizes.
  • Dimension: 6" x 8" 

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