Ultrasound Technology Pest Repellent For All Kinds Of Insects, Rodents And Disease Vectors


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This is a powerful device that protects you from harmful and irritating pests around your home. Experience an innovative way to completely free your household from scary rats, pesky mice, dirty cockroaches, creepy spiders and beetles. Just plug it in and the electromagnetic pulses will travel through electric wiring all over your home. It also comes with a powerful 300 square meter coverage strength that makes your household a force field that repels house pests efficiently.


  • Repels all kinds of insects and rodents
  • Up to 300 meter square coverage strength
  • With ultrasound technology
  • More powerful than any pest devices
  • With new pulse amplifier
  • With variable frequency
  • Chemical free; non-toxic
  • Just plug it in
  • Available in single pack only

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