Unisex Copper-Infused Posture & Stability Insoles

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This insole is crafted to keep your foot properly aligned, help reduce foot and body aches and pains, relieve planter fasciitis strains, and correct mild to moderate pronation. Helps to improve stability, posture control and alignment, as well as helping to reduce foot and body aches and pain. This insole carries a semi-rigid wear moldable orthopedic base with a deep heel cup and adaptive arch support for optimal flexibility. The base is layered with a cushion blend, a variable density open cell foam for impact absorption. Finally, the support layer with a wicking top fabric and copper-infused to reduce odors.


  • Improves stability, alignment and posture control
  • Reduces foot and body aches and pain
  • Podiatrist designed
  • Top layer helps reduce odors
  • Cushion blend for impact absorption
  • Deep heel cup helps distribute pressure
  • Aids in stability
  • With adaptive arch support
  • With semi-rigid moldable orthopedic base
  • 1 or 2 pairs available
  • Unisex
  • Male: 10.5 - 12 / Female: 11.5 - 13

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