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Get the gift of a goodnight's sleep for you or a loved one every night with our Memory Foam Water Pillow! This amazing pillow features an ample layer of ventilated memory foam with high airflow pockets to regulate body temperature. It’s also 100% hypoallergenic and natural! You won’t wake up multiple times every night to fluff and re-stuff your pillow because the water base maintains the support by adjusting to your head motions, even as you change sleeping positions all through the night!

Nothing will benefit your mind and body more than improved sleep quality.  This unique water base technology provides the support needed for long lasting deep sleep.

Benefits of a Waterbase Pillow System

A water pillow is a sophisticated system that uses three unique components to create the perfect night’s sleep. But what are the benefits of these pillows?

  • Adjustable firmness level without having to sample a dozen different pillows
  • Everyone in your family can customize their pillow to their own maximum comfort
  • Responsive support, which helps maintain proper head and neck alignment during sleep movement
  • Customizable through a variety of fill materials, including memory gel foam, down, fiberfill and more
  • Inherently durable and designed to deliver many years of dependable performance - water pillows represent a real value in the long term
  • Clinically proven to reduce neck pain and improve quality of sleep in a John Hopkins study

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