2 Pack: Magnetic Decorative Vent Blockers

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Keep the cold away with this convenient and functional magnetic vent cover. These vent blockers block over 99% of the airflow, directing air to the other rooms you use the most. The vent blockers will also help reduce your heating costs because you won't be needlessly wasting heat in rooms you don't use that often. By directing airflow to those areas most lived in, your forced air system can operate more cost effectively. The vent covers measure 5" x 12", but can be cut to fit any sized vent. The blockers are also neutral colored, but can easily be painted, texturized, or wallpapered. 


  • Blocks airflow by over 99%
  • Simple to use
  • Instantly seals off unwanted airflow
  • Air vent redirects hot or cold air to areas most lived in for added comfort while saving money
  • Cuts easily to desired size with scissors
  • Can be painted, texturized, or wallpapered
  • Easy to install with powerful magnets hold tight to floor or wall registers

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