Hanging Accessories Organizer

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Today’s deal is all about stashing away the Crown Jewels and protecting them from being pilfered by siblings and adventurous kids. Yes, we know your brother’s body piercings are giving you cause for concern. Not because you are worried for his health, but he keeps looting your earrings and other jewelry. You can keep his earring-picking hands at bay with this organized deal from LivingDeal.com. You can hang it in your closet with your clothes on its swivel chrome hook that fits onto standard rods. And when you have stored your valuables, the clear pockets allow you to see what accessory you want to use for that day and pick it easily.

  • Brand New & High quality.
  • Perfect for storage your necklace, rings, earrings, brooches, hear clips and etc.
  • You can hang it in your closet or door ,wall.
  • Easy to use and find the jewelry which you want to wear.
  • Multi-function for use by travel in Jewelry storage, bath shower tool storage or others all can put inside


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