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Straightening your hair has never been easier with the Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush! This brush is an innovative hair straightening brush, incorporating the most advanced haircare technologies, ensuring safer, easier and quicker results. 

This revolutionary brush is made of high-quality ceramic coating and smoothes your hair in a few minutes. The brush is incredibly easy to use and is perfect for use on a busy day, where hair straightening needs to go well. Unlike the use of straighteners where the hair is to be divided into small sections, this brush can take larger parts of the hair, in fact up to 5 times as much hair as possible with straighteners, thus saving a lot of time.

Whether you have waves, curls, fluffy hair, this brush will smooth your hair quickly and gently. With this smooth brush, smoothness has never been easier!


  • EASY TO USE: This brush is a revolutionary hair straightening hairbrush which will smoothen your hair in minutes. No-fuss, no clips - just brush it!
  • SAVES YOUR TIME: It offers hair care that suits your fast pace of life
  • SAFER FOR YOUR HAIR: It was developed specifically for the top-recommended temperature of 365 °F (185 °C) which remains practically constant during every brushstroke; in this way, you will be able to maintain a straighter, healthier hair.


  • Use this only on completely dry hair
  • Start brushing your hair well with a regular brush
  • Take a big hair
  • Make sure your hair gets into the inner area of the brush
  • Brush in a slow pulling motion
  • Continue throughout your hair

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