GypsyStix Hair Chalk

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32 Color Assortment of Hair Chalk. GypsyStix set into hair and last up to 3 days. All colors blend into one another. Blend pink into blue or lime green into black. Even Cameleons love them!! So many colors to play with. You can blend light to dark or dark to light, making it the easiest hair chalk to use. Blend the different shades to get the Ombre hair effect. Easy to apply and wash out of hair. Use GypsyStix White first on dark hair then add color choice for best results. 32 Pastel and Primary Bright colors come in this set. 100 applications in each stix. The only hair chalk that has a built in sealent so the colors set into hair in 60 secounds and do not rub on pillow, sheet, or clothes. Gypsy Stix lasts in hair up to 3 days. Can be washed out with 1-2 washings with shampoo. Can be styled and sprayed with hair spray. Packaging has been drop tested and approved. Packaged with a foam protector inside. Thick top and sleeve have been added for optimal protection against chalk breakage. Get the best colors and brightest results with Gypsy Stix Hair Chalk.


  • Blendable hair color sticks
  • Use wet or Dry Hair
  • Semi - permanent
  • 32 Finest Color Pigments
  • 100 Applications in Each Chalk Sticks
  • Lasts Up To 3 Days In Hair /Easy To Use / Easy To Wash Out

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