Fantasy Wireless Charger: A Must Have! - Compatible With iPhone and Android Devices

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Type: Android Charging Reciever (Micro USB Port)
Color: White
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The future is here! Charge your iPhone (yes, iPhone!) or Android wirelessly without spending a fortune. Simply lay your phone on the charging pod with the receiver plugged in and allow the charger to do its magic. Eloquently designed with blue lighting, this piece is essential for anyone who is tired of being chained to the wall while their phone charges!

  • Charge your iPhone or Android wirelessly: just lay your device on the pad with the receiver plugged in and BOOM, you're charging!
  • Compatible with iPhones, and with all Qi-enabled Android devices.
  • Wireless charging receiver that nestles discreetly into the back of your phone case

Includes Wireless Charging Pad, Wireless Charging Receiver, and USB cable.

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