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The best family jigsaw puzzles to get your kids to ditch their screens!

If you’re looking for family puzzles, that’s probably because puzzles have become the cool thing to do in 2021. Puzzles are back with a vengeance (they never really went anywhere but now we’re super into them), and we’re all about it.  
It is an excellent way to unwind and put your cell phone down for a few hours at a time, forgetting about whatever troubles may be looming over you. Really, all you should be thinking about is which puzzle to choose from!

Product Features:
  • ☻Package content- Made of 1000 pieces of high-quality recycled cardboard, anti-glare surface, non-toxic soy-based ink, the color remains fresh after long-term storage and includes a 1:1 poster image.
  • ☻Precision cutting regardless of the size of the puzzle, we will use precision cutting technology to ensure that each piece fits perfectly, and the edge of each piece can flow smoothly with adjacent pieces. The finished size is 20" x 14.15"
  • ☻Valuable parent-child games can provide you with more opportunities to communicate with your children and enhance relationships, and also keep your children away from mobile phones and be attracted by this difficult and interesting jigsaw puzzle game. After completion, they will have a sense of accomplishment. This is very helpful to their intelligence and self-confidence.
  • ☻Challenge and fun-jigsaw puzzles can quiet the brain and trigger a creative meditation state. They use our creativity to reconnect the brain to establish "connections." The back area is divided into 9 areas that can make work easier.
  • ☻Decorate your house-if you think the decoration of the house is ordinary, our puzzle can be used as decoration to make your house more vivid and beautiful! Can be decorated in many places such as bedroom, dining room, study, house, office, etc. to adapt to different decoration styles.

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