Chill Mama Refrigerator Deodorizer, Cleaner & Preserver

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Chill Mama doesn't like smelly fridges and she's here to do something about it.Simply fill Mama with baking soda, pop Mama's hair back on then twist to close and she will go to work for you. Within 24 hours this feisty lady will begin to reduce odors and you will notice the difference when you open the refrigerator door and the freshness wafts towards you.


  • For a fresh smelling fridge
  • Looks great & keeps your fridge smelling fresh
  • Uses baking soda
  • Reusable & dishwasher safe


  • Remove Chill Mama's hair and face
  • Fill the container with baking soda
  • Replace face and hair
  • Place Chill Mama in the fridge and let her work her magic!
  • Replace baking soda at regular intervals.(average time 3 months) Time varies depending upon size and content of your fridge.

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