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1. 5-in-1 Multipurpose Cup Holder & Instant Storage Organizer
Do you feel there is less space in your car to accommodate all your necessary belongings? If that is the case, go for the Automotive 5-in-1 Multipurpose Cup Holder & Instant Car Storage Organizer that lets you store everything in one spot in an organized manner! This multipurpose holder holds drinks, sunglasses, coins, phones and other accessories all together. You can keep everything easily within your reach as the holder will sit perfectly between your seat and console. 

This cup holder & car storage organizer also has a silicone pad that prevents your mobile device from slipping.  Even more, it also features a hole through which you can connect your charger to your device! Charge your phone even when it is safely placed in the holder! The cup holder can also efficiently hold the large coffee cups and drinks, so you can easily enjoy a few sips while on the road. Additionally, it's not necessary to only use this cup holder for your car, it's multipurpose design allows you to also use it at home or keep it on your desk to organize your belongings.

  • 5-in-1 Cup & Storage Holder Design
  • Smartphone Holder
  • Drink & Tumbler Holder
  • Sunglasses Holder
  • Card & Coin Holder
  • Small Accessories Holder
  • Multi-purpose - use in the car, at home, on your desk, etc.
  • Provides extra storage space
  • Silicone pad prevents phone from slipping
  • Hole for cellphone charging cable to connect directly to device
  • Suitable for most vehicles - fits most standard cup holders 
  • Portable & Compact Design

2. HD Day and Night Anti-Glare Vehicle Visor
The HD Day and Night Anti-Glare Visor will reduce blinding glare from the sun during the day while you're driving. It also helps minimize the visual effects of the high beams that stream from headlights at night. You will experience evenly balanced colors with improved clarity and contrast. This car visor will give you peace-of-mind and an increased feeling of safety so you can keep your eyes on the road.


  • Reduces blinding glare from the sun during the day
  • Brightens vision and cuts harsh headlight glare at night
  • Enhances color, clarity and contrast
  • HD visor is quick and easy to install
  • Clips onto any visor in seconds
  • Approx. 30 x 13 x 0.25cm

3. 360 Degree Pivoting Universal Car Phone Mount
Talk and drive safely with 360 Degree Pivoting Universal Car Phone Mount! It instantly grips any style of phone or GPS and mounts to your dash or windshield without any tools or adhesives. Unique polymer surface acts like a million suction cups that instantly grip and release over and over again. 360 Degree Pivoting Universal Car Phone Mount is easy to use, just press your phone or device firmly against the cradle and remove without any sticky residue. If it gets dirty, just remove cradle, rinse with water, and it performs like new. It allows you to always get the perfect viewing angle.


  • Universal - works with any phone
  • Hands-free visibility
  • Variety of mounting options
  • Adhesive-free pad leaves no residue
  • With unique polymer surface

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