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Alleviate discomfort and pressure point build up with this Archtech Suspension Insoles. Archtech and a top-level construction ensures lasting support and impact reduction for lasting performance and comfort through every pedal stroke or running stride.

These insoles allow your foot to flex and promote muscle growth. It can be quickly fitted by a professional sports therapist, podiatrist, or by yourself in the comfort of your own home.

It support the gait of the foot from the first metatarsal, whilst still allowing the foot to naturally flex promoting muscular strength, but also allowing the foots normal suspension system to still function, unlike a traditional insole, thus relieving stress on joints within the kinetic chain.

The reduced heel box system locks the rear of the foot in place within the shoe for complete control. Lightweight and flexible, the insole then supports forefoot strike allowing the foot to be supported and easily flex through the range of a stride whilst maintaining position. The arch angles allow for maximum power transfer from the foot, combined with the metatarsal pad which promotes blood flow throughout the foot.

Feel your agility increase and your body's enhanced movement as this insole transfers energy into forward momentum, increasing stability and and decreasing impact on your body!

  • Alleviate foot discomfort
  • Allows your foot to flex
  • Promote muscle strength
  • Relieves stress on joints
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Air vents for cooling circulation & breathability
  • Designed for heel strikers and natural runners
  • Promotes blood flow throughout the foot
  • Archtech revolutionary technology
  • Reduced muscle fatigue and discomfort
  • Reduced impact
  • Enhanced comfort and support
  • Built in metatarsal pad
  • Air flow chambers
  • Narrow heel cup
  • Can be trimmed down to size


Sizing is most accurate to EU shoe sizing. To ensure exact fit, measure the current insole of your shoe from heel to toe in mm. 

  • Small is EU 37-40
  • Medium EU 41-43
  • Large EU 44-46
  • XL EU 47-49
  • XXL EU 50-51

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