6" Fluorescent Neon Glow Sticks With Ribbon Lanyard - Assorted Colors

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These are bright, long lasting, 6" glow sticks. These glow sticks feature the most popular design that includes both a hook and hole on one end, and a hollowed cap on the other. Just shake it up and presto -- it starts glowing like magic! They are not radioactive and they are not flammable. They almost never break open, but if they do, the chemicals inside can be washed off skin and clothes with ordinary soap or detergent. These are high grade military glowsticks. The plastic loop is extra strong so if you use them for stringing they wont break.These glow sticks are perfect for birthdays, concerts, camping, parties, and all sorts of celebrations! PLEASE NOTE: Prior to activation Glow items will not necessarily appear the color that they actually glow when activated.


  • Easy to activate
  • Great for fun & safety purposes
  • Glows for hours
  • Includes Glow Stick & Ribbon Lanyard
  • 6 Colors Available: Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink

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