2 Pack: Rapid Press 'n' Spin Blending Whisk

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The Rapid Press 'n' Spin Blending Whisk is particularly easy to use & does 10x the work of ordinary whisks.The secret is the press and spin action--just press up and down on the handle for a multi-pulse action. Great for dressings, whipped cream, sauces, batters, fluffy eggs, smoothies, frothed milk and much more. It won't scratch pans and is dishwasher safe. Includes 2 stainless steel beaters.

  • Mixes, froths, whisks, beats, whips and emulsifies faster, easier, and better than ordinary whisks
  • Pushing the handle down rotates the whisk
  • By the same moderate upward and downward movements on the handle you can mix like a pro, and all without the use of batteries
  • Use a suitable glass or plastic bowl for mixing
  • Saves cooking, baking and prep time 
  • Use without any electricity or batteries and without any noise!
  • Made from stainless steel
  • Easy to clean - top rack dishwasher safe or just whisk it clean in soapy water, rinse and pat dry
  • 2 Pack

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