2-in-1 Fruit & Vegetable Peeler and Core Slicer

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The chore of peeling apples and other fruits and vegetables won't be one anymore thanks to the new Peeler and Core Slicer. With its simplified mechanism made from resistant nylon, a stainless steel blade, an integrated spike holder and four suction-grip feet for utmost stability, it's the ideal product to peel apples or your favorite fruits effortlessly in a snap. The peeler removes only the skin of the fruit, allowing you to maximize each fruit and veggie! It eliminates waste that hand peeling invariably creates. It is perfect for peeling large quantities of apples because of its efficient design and ease of use. Easy to clean and store.

Comes with Bonus Core Slicer!

This practical corer slicer can be used on an unpeeled apple to enjoy fresh apple slices with the family. For recipes, first peel the apple with the peeler then use the corer slicer to make even slices. To use, hold the corer slicer on the top of your apple, centering over the apple's core. Press down firmly. Take out the slicer and the core and enjoy!


  • Colour: Green & White
  • 2 piece set: Peeler and Slicer/Core Remover
  • Solid base
  • Full set easily washable

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