10 Pack: Animal Kingdom Finger Puppet Set

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Make your child's bedtime story more interactive, lively and full of entertainment with these plush finger puppets and teach your children the art of storytelling! They will have so much fun playing around with these fun little finger puppets.

  • Material: Soft fleece
  • Machine washable
  • Pack on 10 includes 10 unique animal-themed finger puppets
  • Fits adult as well as kids fingers

Benefits of Using Puppets in a Child Care Setting:
Puppets are a great way to engage the attention and imagination of children of all ages. Using puppets in the child care curriculum is an enjoyable way to promote children's learning of new skills and concepts.  Benefits of using puppets in child care include the following:
  1. Social skills: Puppets can increase children's communication and social skills by providing structured opportunities to interact with the puppets. Children can also practice these skills by using puppets to interact with other children.
  2. Emotional development: Puppets can support children emotionally by giving them a "friend" to talk to, or a way to talk to other children without having to speak directly.
  3. Confidence in reading and speaking: Children who are reluctant to speak or read out loud may be more willing to talk or read to a puppet.
  4. Music appreciation: Puppets can make music and creative movement more interesting and can teach children the words and movements to new songs.
  5. Motor skills: Manipulating puppets can be a positive way to encourage movement and to practice gross and fine motor control.
  6. Guidance: Children can learn appropriate behaviors by watching the puppet's example, or the puppet can introduce and explain class rules.
  7. Encouraging creativity: Children can use puppets to come up with stories, scenarios, and creative ways to solve problems.
  8. Capturing attention: A puppet can be a good tool to capture the attention of young children in large-group and small-group settings, especially if the adult gives the puppet an engaging "personality."
  9. Promoting dramatic play: Puppets can be easy-to-manipulate characters in a variety of dramatic play themes and stories.

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