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Swivel Your Way Into A Fun And Easy Exercise Routine! Just stand on the board and twist! The "Swivel Shaper" Exercise Board is designed to be used by people of varying ages and body types. The board can support up to 400lbs. If you have injuries or other health concerns, we recommend you consult your physician before beginning any exercise regimen.Part of getting comfortable with the board is obtaining the balance you need.

  • Put feet evenly on the outer edges of the board using the textured circles for guides.
  • Be sure to hold onto a stable object, such as a chair, when you first step onto the board.
  • Slowly rock side to side, front to back to get a feed for your board!
  • When balanced, begin to twist from your core/hips!

When you feel like you have mastered the basic twist you can start incorporating other exercises such as planks, squats, push ups and more!

With a slight bend in your knee, twist on the board using your core! By engaging your core and legs while twisting you will be getting the maximum workout!

Adding hand weights will help increase the difficulty of your workout. Start off with lighter weights and get comfortable with your balance on the board while holding them!


  • Unique twisting motion and balance board pivoting action
  • Helps engage and tone entire body
  • Helps to strengthen ABS, legs, and more
  • Lightweight, portable, and stores away easily
  • Fun, Easy And Effective Workout!
  • Great For All Body Types
  • Helps Strengthen And Tone Abs, Legs, And More!
  • Supports Up To 400lbs
  • For best results use on carpets
  • Color - Electric Blue

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