3D Fiber Lashes Transplanting Gel and Natural Fibers Mascara

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Organic 3D Fiber Lashes Transplanting Gel and Natural Fibers Mascara Set. Go for up to 3x the wow factor with the 3D Fiber Lash Mascara Set that are water-resistant, yet wash off easily with Makeup Remover Cloths. This is quite possibly the most mood-altering, life-changing product in the cosmetics world!


  • The perfect combination of transplanting gel and natural fiber can instantly lengthen your eyelash by 300%.
  • At the same time, it is able to give you that special natural look that shows your eyelash having beautiful natural curves. It presents to you an unbelievable make-up effects that will keep you impressed for a long time to come.
  • 3D Transplanting Gel. A perfect fit, smooth, comfortable and of best quality. The combination that creates the perfect eyelash. The formula encompasses the magical gel property that enables you to have perfect make-up for the whole day
  • Green Tea Natural Fiber 100% natural, like the natural eyelash. It is organic with no stimulating side effects on application. 
  • Transplanting gel
  • Natural fiber mascara
  • Carry case

How To Use:

Slowly coat lashes with transplanting gel as you would regularly apply mascara from the bottom of the baseline to the top. Immediately afterwards, swiftly apply fibers. It is important to do this quickly afterwards because if the gel dries the fibers will not stick. Let this dry and then apply another coat of the transplanting gel to seal off lashes. Effect can gently wash off with warm water of facial cleanser.

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