Easy-Reach Angled Scrubbing Pad With Ergonomic Telescopic Handle

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Don't break your back doing your housework. Effortlessly clean all those hard-to-reach places with the versatile Easy-Reach Angled Srubbing Pad With Ergonomic Telescopic Handle. It is a revolutionary ergonomic scrub brush that allows you to effectively scrub every surface without having to bend or kneel to reach every surface. Protect your hands from the harsh cleaning chemicals by using this convenient touch-free tool. The handle extends to 33", just the right length to reach all those impossible-to-reach spaces, and the contoured non-scratch scrub pad angles into every position to do all the dirty work. It couldn't be easier! 

No more bending or kneeling! Now you can easily wash and scrub showers, mirrors, and other surfaces with the touch-free Clean Reach. Its ergonomically designed extending handle provides easy access to spaces that are difficult to reach. Cleaning high or low spaces without bending, kneeling, or reaching means you'll always be comfortable while doing chores. A multi-functional 3-in-1 angled pad powers over surfaces to wipe grime away. Ideal for removing tough dirt, the pad has a plush side for polishing and perfecting, too.


  • Includes telescopic handle and three cleaning pads
  • Easy, touch-free cleaning from floor to ceiling
  • Ergonomic handle extends to 33"
  • Contoured non-scratch pad has three surfaces to help you scrub, clean corners and polish surfaces
  • Keep your hands clean of harsh chemicals
  • Cleanup is a breeze — simply rinse and relax
  • Perfect for bathtubs and showers, around the toilet, under kitchen cabinets, polish glass doors and mirrors, and around doorways

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