Fun Star Wars Gift Ideas

December 19, 2014


Star Wars is one of the most popular pop culture brands ever seen. Even those who are not a fan, knows what it’s about (to some extend). This is why the Star Wars brand has seen itself on a mix of different objects over the years. Some are awesome and some aren’t. Being nerds, we are always on the lookout for the geeky Star Wars accessories. So we have made a list of some fun Gift Ideas for all your Star Wars fans.

Star Wars Cooking Aprons

Transform yourself into your favorite character when cooking in the kitchen or the BBQ with the help of this officially licensed apron. It's available in C-3PO, Boba Fett, Darth Vader, Princess Leia and of course the Luke Skywalker Apron. Get yours here for only $9.99 



Star Wars Miniature Metal DIY Model Kit

Each of the Star Wars Miniature Metal DIY Model Kits comes with two sheets of laser cut parts. Carefully pop them out and follow the instructions on your journey of inserting tabs into slots and the like. Eventually, you will have a metal marvel straight from Star Wars. There's everyone's favorite astromech droid, an easy-to-trip all-terrain troop transport, the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy, and a fighter that looks like a bow tie. These are one of the best gifts any fans of Star Wars can get, and that's why you owe it to yourself to make sure a full set of Star Wars Miniature Metal DIY Model Kits is assembled and sitting on your desk. They are elegant models for a more civilized fan! Get yours here for only $24

Star Wars Cufflinks

If you're planning an epic Star Wars wedding, You are probably already covered the big details like the Death Star cake and the lightsaber arch for the entrance of the new couple. We can help you putting the last details to that perfect day – for you as well as the groomsmen. With these Star Wars Cufflinks you will feel the part and still look presentable for that perfect day.Get yours here for only $10


Death Star Ice Ball Mold

That's no moon, it's an ice cube! Next up in Kotobukiya's successful line of Star Wars themed Silicone Trays comes the feared battle station, the DEATH STAR. Based on the appearance of the first Death Star in Star Wars: A New Hope, this silicone ice cube maker makes a large ball of ice decorated in the shape of the Death Star! The Death Star Ice mold is made from silicone, so it is both heat and cold resistant, making it freezer and oven safe.No longer do you require the resources of a Galactic Empire to build your own Death Star, now you, too, can hold the ultimate ice cube in the universe in your hands!7 x 9 x 9cm. Get yours here for only $9



Star Wars Miniature R2D2 Metal DIY Model Kit

Long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, some survivors in a war between two factions set out across the stars to find the speaker of a message they saw crawl across space. It was this message which started the entire conflict between these two sides, in the first place: "It is a period of civil war." After crossing vast reaches of space, on a voyage lasting thousands of years, the survivors reached our planet. However, due to a terrible miscalculation in scale, they all fit in the palms of our hands. We quickly took them apart, copied them, and now offer 'em to you as Star Wars Miniature Metal DIY Model Kits. Get yours here for only $9.99





As we are getting closer to the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens these products are getting hotter and hotter by the minute and the popularity is increasing. So take advantage of it and get it while its here, surprise your favorite Star Wars fan with a fun Star Wars item like the above.