Wireless Charging Pad for iPhone 5/5S/6/6Plus

Tired of having to plug your phone in to charge it? We were so we decided to bring out the wireless charger to simply place our iPhones on the pad and get a charge! Great for your work desk, have the pad plugged in and on your desk so that way, when you're sitting at your desk, just place it on the pad rather than plugging it in!

  • Wireless charger for more convenience
  • Compatible with iPhone 5/5S, 6, 6 Plus
  • Comes with wireless charger and receiver and USB cable
  • Diameter 10 cm, height 1 cm
  • Input: 5V/2A
  • Output: 5V/1A
  • This item ships directly from the manufacturer. The product may take anywhere from 2-4 weeks to arrive

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