Waterproof Beach Bags (3 Pack)

This waterproof bag can be stored in a rucksack pocket packed down really small to be pulled out when needed. Especially if your clothes or anything gets wet and can't be dried. If you have a little dry bag you can then pop the wet stuff in and close it up. You can then put it back in your rucksack knowing that it isn't going to make everything damp. Same with camping. They can be used to store dry clothes and sleeping bags to stop them getting damp during rainy season. Water light roll top closure and taped to make sure everything inside is dry. It is ideal for boating, camping, hiking and travelling.   etc.

  • Color: black 
  • Material: nylon+PU.
  • Size : small - 21x19cm, Medium - 28x20cm, Large - 29x23cm
  • Capacity: S (1.5L) ,M (2.5L),L (3.5)
  • Waterproof index: above 5000

    Category: new, outdoor, outdoors

    Type: Outdoors

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