Watch Repair Kit

In a time when everything is only available when money is exchanged, it's good to be able to do certain things on you own. With this kit, you can save on the time, money and petrol you would usually spend on taking a trip down to your local watch shop. Develop a skill and turn it into a hobby for days when you're sick and tired of staring at your computer screen.

  • Repairing your watches at home like a professional
  • ​Complete repair kit to mend watches anytime in the comfort of your home
  • Save time and cost traveling to have your watch repaired
  • Perform simple repairs (Eg. replace watch batteries, adjust metallic-strap lengths, alter watch movement, etc.)
  • Includes carrying pouch for easy travel or storage in an organized layout
  • instructions are not available for this product


Category: home, new

Type: Home

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