VHS To USB Converter

Today’s deal is all about coming a long way from the days of the Flintstones. If your desire to show off videos of your formative years and take friends on a trip down memory lane, it can be very difficult when your entire life is chronicled and archived on videotape. Nobody makes or uses those machines anymore and with each passing day, the tapes are fading out and taking memories with it to the obsolete technology grave. Don't let your life slip away. It’s time to preserve those precious memories and treasured family video and mementoes by converting them with this VHS to USB video converter from Spyplanet.ca. Watch your cherished videos on your PC, burn them to DVD, and upload them to social media sites and more. It saves decades of family memoirs and movies and makes them usable on any player that plays digital formats easily. Click that reformed BUY button and step into the future.

  • VHS to USB video converter
  • Preserve your treasured family videos
  • or hard-to-find VHS tapes.
  • Easy-to-use device plugs right into
  • your computer and the audio-video ports
  • on your VCR.
  • Compatible with Windows 2000,XP,Vista/7
  • Saves files on your computer


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