Silicone Gel Shoe Insoles

Black Flowers

When on our feet all day long, they get sore, tired and if our shoes don't fit properly, our feet tend to slide around in our shoes a lot. Luckily for those of us suffering from sore, achy feet, there's Silicone Gel Insoles to help prevent our feet from sliding in our shoes and for a much more comfortable wear! Feel like you're always walking on a cloud!

  • Size: 21 cm (L) x 6.8 cm (W) x 1 cm (H) however, it is stretchable!
  • Made out of a soft, breathable and very comfortable silicone
  • Colour: Black Flowers, Clear, Pink or Blue
  • Provides comfort and relief for sore feet
  • This item ships directly from the manufacturer. The product may take anywhere from 2-4 weeks to arrive

Category: Fashion, health, new

Type: Health & Beauty

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