Pair of Sandglass Cuff Links


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Now this pair of cufflinks makes us recall some Back to the Future memories, as well as some cheesy action movie that uses a sandglass as a timer to the detonation of a bomb. Most of the time it's something like that, don't you think. The bad guy has some sort of upper hand advantage and the camera shifts to an upturned sandglass, saying that so-and-so will die if this-and-that doesn't happen. Incredibly predictable. But we do have to admit that sandglasses look extremely hipster, if not out of the ordinary.

  • Excellent quality
  • Choose from: Blue, White, Purple or Pink!
  • Unique and original
  • Light-weight and everlasting shine
  • The must have accessory for well-dressed wardrobe
  • Perfect for any occasions: Office, Meetings, Events, Anniversaries etc,
    elevating fashionable image to your personal appearance.
  • An ideal gift for your boyfriend, father or relatives
  • Shape: Cylinder
  • Dimension: 22×8mm / 0.9×0.3''
  • Material:Chromed steel

Category: cufflinks, jewellery, jewelry, mom

Type: Jewellery


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