Pair of Height Increase Insole Pads for Men/Women

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People with good posture give the impression of confidence and attractiveness. Whether you are an athlete, an office worker, or a teenager, everyone can benefit from better posture. It is amazing what simply sitting up straight can do for your overall health. Good posture will make you look and feel more energetic, improve mental performance, and keep your body pain-free. Have you heard about shoe inserts? Height increasing insoles keep your posture stable and your feet comfortable. They also make you look taller and relieve pressure from your spine. These products not only will improve your posture, but also provide your legs with a toned appearance.

  • 5 layer insoles
  • Use in your sport shoes, casual shoes and leather shoes
  • Very soft silicone get material
  • Fits all sizes of shoes for either men or women
  • Allows you to choose your height depending on the style of shoes you are wearing
  • Reduces back and knee pressure when walking
  • Each single section adds approximately 0.65cm to your height

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Type: Health & Beauty

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