Large Wall Clock Sticker

Maybe you're a little late every now and then or have a hard time seeing-well we've got a solution for you! The Large Wall Clock Sticker is easy to put up, you simply place the stickers on the wall(don't worry if you don't put them on perfectly the first time, they are removable) and put the middle piece with the hands on the wall in the center of the stickers with a AA battery inside. Once it's up, you'll never have to worry about wondering what time it is!

  • Can be placed on any smooth surface for almost any room
  • The stickers are removable 
  • Easy to set up
  • Size: Disc diameter 10 cm, Hour hand length 38 cm, Minutes hand length 45 cm
  • Numbers are Black and Disc and Hands are Silver
  • This item ships directly from the manufacturer. The product may take anywhere from 2-4 weeks to arrive

Category: decor, home, new

Type: Home

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