Electronic Abdominal Muscle Massage & Toning Belt

Getting toned for the perfect summer body can take lots of time and hard work! This belt might not be the most fashionable but it definitely helps you, not only look, but feel better! Rather than spending lots of time and money on the gym, why not spend 10 minutes wearing a belt with 6 programmed routines with 10 levels of intensity for a complete and personalized workout! It delivers tiny and gentle electronic pulses to your muscles to help tone your stomach, waist and even your arms and legs as it comes with two different sized and stretchy belts to attach. 

  • 10 minutes wearing the belt is the equivalent of 600 sit-ups!
  • Comes with two stretchy belts at 25 cm and 50 cm long.
  • Battery, instruction manual and workout guide included!
  • 6 programmed routines
  • 10 intensity levels
  • Please note: This product is not suitable for pregnant women or anyone with a heart condition
  • This item ships directly from the manufacturer. The product may take anywhere from 2-4 weeks to arrive

Category: exercise, new

Type: Exercise Products

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