Aluminum Case for iPad or iPad Mini with Integrated Bluetooth Keyboard


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That iPad was a huge investment on your part! Imagine the horror if you were bumped and you dropped it onto the hard, cold ground to shatter the screen. The circuit board inside might get damaged, too, and then all of your work and gaming would be GONE! Unacceptable. You need protection. With this powerful case enveloping your valuable iPad, you will never have to fear breaking your best and most important toy! Of course, for many of us, this is more than just a cool gaming tablet. It’s a way to work more efficiently. It’s a device that can literally change the way you operate.

  • Great way to make your iPad more practical when you're at home or the office.
  • High-quality Bluetooth connection lets you type without any plugs or wires.
  • Provides an uninterrupted working time of roughly 55 hours.


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